Aquamarine’s name derives from the Latin for water of the sea named because of its seawater color. Aquamarine is a blue-green variety of beryl, at its best quality it’s a sky blue color. Beryl is a mineral. The name Beryl is derived from the Greek beryllos, applied to many green stones. One of the best known sources for aquamarine is Brazil, other sources such as Burma, Madagascar, Northern Ireland, China, Argentina, India, USA, Norway, the Russian Urals and parts of Africa. In the 19Th century sea green crystals were highly valued, now a days the sky blue crystals imparted by traces of iron are preferred. In ancient times Aquamarine was worn by sailors as protection. Greenish Aquamarine can be heat treated to turn blue. Aquamarine is sometimes imitated by synthetic spinel colored with cobalt.

Birthstone: Aquamarine is one of the twelve gemstones of the ceremonial breastplate worn by the high priest Aaron, representing the twelve tribes of Israel as described in the Old Testament book of Exodus, and is also known as the month of February’s birthstone meaning, courage.



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